Âncora Kobra 35 kg

Melhor preço online em Âncora Kobra 35 kg para Barcos. Âncora Kobra 35 kg para barco ao preço mais baixo. Anchor newly developed, fast and excellent penetration sealing, thanks to its weighted tip and its very wide plow. exceptionalKobra performance are the result of its special geometry that allows you to choose it up to two sizes below the weight ofanchors usually recommended. In many international tests, it was the best to sink on sandy bottoms and sludge without plowing.And 'possible to fold the anchor by unscrewing the bolt at the time to be able to stow easily in the locker. Recommended for boats up to 25 meters. Weight Kg.35 size mm A.1029 B.483 C.446 D.644 E.331 . 

Âncora Kobra 35 kg. Plastimo . 2-B-P49360

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Âncora Kobra 35 kg

  • Marca: Plastimo
  • Modelo: 2-B-P49360
  • Disponibilidade: Em estoque
  • 397,34€
  • Preços IVA Incluído



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