Bússola iris 100 com luz Azul

Melhor preço online em Bússola iris 100 com luz Azul para Barcos. Bússola iris 100 com luz Azul para barco ao preço mais baixo. t is a course compass which can also be used to take bearings. It can be taken away and moved around the boat, it is simply clipped on a smoothedgebracket, designed not to catch sails or hurt fingers. It can be installed on any inclination or position: vertical, horizontal, laying flat, upsidedown... A soft rubber casing provides efficient protection against shocks. Conical card with double reading (direct and horizontal). Gimballedmagnetic set : the card remains perfectly horizontal, whatever the angle of the compass installation. 2 mobile lubber lines. Legendary Plastimopivot and hard stone guarantee the accuracy and the durability. Floating. Weight 295 g. . 

Bússola iris 100 com luz Azul. Plastimo . 2-B-P63875

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Bússola iris 100 com luz Azul

  • Marca: Plastimo
  • Modelo: 2-B-P63875
  • Disponibilidade: Entrega em 15 dias úteis
  • 117,71€
  • Preços IVA Incluído



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