Bússola tática íris 100

Melhor preço online em Bússola tática íris 100 para Barcos. Bússola tática íris 100 para barco ao preço mais baixo. Combine the functions of : Main steering compass, from card horizontal surface. Course is read from the lubber lines mounted in the lower part of the bowl. Tactical compass, from card vertical section (direct reading). Tactician-crew only needs to memorise one figure for the 3 legs of an olympic course. Multi-position horizontal, vertical, flat or even upside down installation. It can be taken away for storage, and moved to any convenient location on the boat : simply clip the shock-proof soft rubber casing to the bracket, a smooth-edge base that won’t snag sails, lines or fingers. Conical card with vertical and horizontal reading. Gimballed magnetic cell,card remains perfectly horizontal, whatever the mounting angle. 6 mobile lubber lines. Weight 295 g. . 

Bússola tática íris 100. Plastimo . 2-B-P63867

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Bússola tática íris 100

  • Marca: Plastimo
  • Modelo: 2-B-P63867
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